Hey Clients, We Need to Talk…

Hey all. This is a post I would love to not have to make, but it’s one that’s necessary.

Over the past 4.5 years that I’ve been running this business, I’ve had the pleasure of working with some incredible people, helped business dreams come true, and ended up with genuine friendships and ongoing relationships from my client connections.

But over the past month, and for the first time – I’ve had multiple separate occasions where clients have been unable to fulfil their contractual obligations and/or been reactive, unreasonable, and even downright abusive when I’ve made genuine and fair requests to further the progress of our design projects.

In the worst cases, it’s become apparent that clients didn’t read their contract properly before agreeing to it, and have then gone on to violate that contract as a result. This is really serious when thousands of dollars are involved.

It is so crucial that you read the brief/proposal and contract that I give you before we commence, and don’t agree unless you understand everything within – because there is really crucial info in there about expectations on both parties and the consequences if these expectations aren’t met. Especially that there are late fees for exceeding the deadline in ways which are out of my control. Because when you don’t meet your deadline, your job runs into my other client bookings and takes my attention away from them. That is extremely unfair on those paying clients.

So hey, if you’re a potential client looking to work with me, odds are that we’re going to get along great! But please, take this as a gentle reminder to read your contract carefully before agreeing to it, because it’s a legal document that protects both of us.

That’s all – cheers and bye for now! 🙂

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