Annual Report Design

You’re required to have one – so do it well! A professionally-designed and easy-to-read annual report directly affects a company’s reputation with shareholders, and is one of the most important display documents you have in your company arsenal.

I design annual reports with completely custom graphics, tables, and diagrams. You’ll get a print-ready version and a web version – and I can even make your report WCAG2.1 compliant so that it passes accessibility standards.

I’m personable, friendly, creative, and strict on my deadlines to make sure you meet yours – so book in your annual report design with me today.

Note: Only 2-3 spaces available for annual report design in August thru November each year.

Why get a professional annual report design?

Stand Out Amongst the Crowd

Use a professional annual report design to impress and reassure your stakeholders while bolstering your reputation.

Promote Shareholder Trust

Treating your annual report design with respect shows that your company does things properly and doesn’t cut corners.

Showcase Your Offerings

The inclusion of photographs, colour and typography in your annual report helps to build a memorable brand identity to keep your company front-of-mind.

Use this form to get a rough idea of your annual report investment. Note that your official quote might be slightly different after a better look at your exact needs.

(All prices include GST!)

What's the process for annual report design?

  1. You get in touch for a quote.
  2. I develop your quote by looking at the page count and graphic requirements of your report.
  3. You accept the quote, provide a copy of your manuscript, and fill out a brand questionnaire.
  4. I compile the questionnaire information, project specifications, and timeframe to completion into a design brief.
  5. You pay a 35% deposit and accept the design brief, securing your booking.


  6. We collaborate back and forth over email, over the phone, and/or in person with a coffee discussing rounds of design concepts applied to a small section of the document.
  7. You choose the design you like, and I apply this to the rest of the document over the following few weeks.
  8. Final changes are made.
  9. You pay your project fees while I package up the annual report document for print and web.
  10. Your annual report package is delivered to you digitally. If you need, I can even help you arrange the printing, too.

Your Investment for Annual Report Design

Origami Graphics offers three different rates for annual report design, plus value considerations.

The design process takes between 20 and 100 hours, depending on the complexity and page count of the document.

Expect an investment of between $1700 for a small, simple annual report and $8000 or more for a long, complex, graphically-rich annual report.


per hour


My standard rate.

This covers all active design work, plus the time I spend packaging, perfecting, emailing, calling, admining, going to meetings, and paying overheads like office space and super.


per hour


When the job is urgent and it just can’t wait.

This rate covers whatever it takes to get your project done in half the time, like pushing other jobs slightly, doing late nights, or working some weekends. 


per day

Day Rate

You’ve got a big job and need me full time for a day.

From 9am to 5pm I’ll be on your team.

Limited spaces available – I can’t vanish on my other clients too often.

– GST is included in all pricing.
– Let me know if you need to negotiate a custom rate.

Let's get started.

Fill out the form below and I’ll get back to you with a fully-custom quote on your annual report design, plus a timeframe to completion.