Book Design

You’ve just spent 1000 hours writing a manuscript for a fantastic story. It’s time to turn it into something really special.

Origami Graphics specialises in book design, book cover design, and typesetting for novels, books, photobooks, and eBooks. When you choose to work with me, you’re dramatically increasing the quality of your dream book and investing in your readers’ experiences. All of that directly translates to more profit from your hard work.

Why get your book designed professionally?

Sell More Books

People judge books by their covers. A stunning book cover design with a thoughtfully laid out interior, great font and perfect margin spacing is going to sell more copies than a DIY book that used a generic template.

Show Off to Publishers

If you’re getting me to design your work, you’re self-publishing for now. Having a killer design makes your book more enticing to publishers, distributors and bookstores so you can make more money down the track.

Feel Proud of Your Work

After all the effort you’ve put into writing your book, you should finish it off properly. Let’s make it into something you’re proud to see sitting on the shelf.

What's the process?

  1. First, you get in touch for a quote.
  2. I develop your quote by looking at your book’s page count and/or illustration requirements.
  3. You accept the quote, provide a copy (Word doc) of your manuscript, and fill out a brand questionnaire.
  4. I use all the information you’ve given me to make a design brief.
  5. You pay a 35% deposit and accept the terms of the design brief, securing your booking.


  6. We collaborate back and forth over email, over the phone, and/or in person with a coffee discussing rounds of design concepts applied to a small section of the book.
  7. You choose the design you like, and I apply this to the rest of the book over the following few weeks.
  8. You pay your project fees while I package the book up, ready for print.
  9. Your book package, including the source InDesign file as well as print-ready PDFs, is delivered to you digitally. Printing may then be arranged through Origami Graphics, if you like.

here's what it'll cost.

The price of book design depends entirely on how long and detailed the book needs to be – but you’ll need to estimate a minimum of 2 hours for a cover, 20 hours for a novel and 40 hours for a picture book.


per hour


My standard rate.

This covers all active design work, plus the time I spend packaging, perfecting, emailing, calling, admining, going to meetings, and paying overheads like office space and super.


per hour


“My mum’s going to kill me if this isn’t done today”.

This rate covers whatever it takes to get your project done in half the time, like pushing other jobs slightly or doing late nights or weekends. 


per day

Day Rate

You’ve got a big job and need me full time for a day.

From 9am to 5pm I’ll be on your team.

Limited spaces available – I can’t vanish on my other clients too often.

– GST is included in all pricing.
– Let me know if you need to negotiate a custom rate.

Ready to roll?

Fill out the form below and I’ll get back to you with a fully-custom quote and timeframe to completion.

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