Important Info: December to April Opening and Hours [Eurotrip]

I’m going on an adventure…

Heads up – I’m going on a big overseas trip over Christmas and New Years and then working remotely until Easter.

What’s the go with my schedule?


Origami Graphics will be closed in December to everyone except those clients who have monthly social media or website maintenance bookings.

I’ll be on Christmas leave, hopping from country to country in Europe and not responding to emails (except from these bare minimum few clients).


I’ll be operating at 50% capacity in January and spending this time tackling work for all ongoing monthly clients. This means if you have a usual monthly booking for continuous work with me, it will go ahead as normal in January. 

New clients – if you have a new job in mind that you’d like done in January, let me know and I’ll see if I can fit it in. Otherwise, you can send me an email at anytime to jump on my cancellation list and I’ll contact you if a space opens.

I’ll be in a huge range of places with varying time zones through January, including France, Spain, Morocco, Greece, and Croatia – so unless we can tee up a Zoom call at a time which works for us both, your best bet is to just send me an email or text message during this time.

February + March

I return to working full-time in February and March, but with a catch – I’ll be based in Dublin, Ireland. This time zone will be GMT. 

If you want to chat by phone or Zoom call, it will need to be at one of the following times in Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT):


6am AEDT (7pm GMT)

7am AEDT (8pm GMT)

8am AEDT (9pm GMT)

9am AEDT (10pm GMT)

10am AEDT (11pm GMT)


6pm AEDT (7am GMT)

7pm AEDT (8am GMT)

8pm AEDT (9am GMT)

9pm AEDT (10am GMT)

10pm AEDT (11am GMT)

Otherwise, e-mail communication including concept drafting and file delivery will continue as normal.


I’ll be back in Australia (Canberra, to be precise) and with completely normal trading, hours and communication again.

What should I do with this information?

First of all, if you’re a client or are about to become a client, I highly recommend that you save, screenshot or print this for reference while I’m away.

If you know you have a new design job coming up that has to be done in 2022, it’s really important that you get in touch with me now. I’ve got 15 hours per week still available in October and November.

Otherwise, big new projects will need to be popped in for February-March 2023 (remote international) or April 2023 onwards (back in Australia).

If you’ve got any questions, just comment or send me an email and I’ll give you some more info!

Thanks for your continued support. It’s your clientship that lets me run my own business with the freedom to work from all over the world, and I’ll always be unbelievably grateful for that.  : )

And yes, I can bring you back a souvenir!

Chat soon,

Tay Tay

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