IMPORTANT – I’ll be closed to new clients in Dec and Jan while I’m backpacking overseas. If you need work done in 2022, enquire ASAP to avoid missing out!

Website Design

Picture this: Your ideal customer Googles exactly what you offer. Are you going to show up in the search results? If you do, what are they going to see when they click on you? Is your website design good enough for them to want to choose you?

It’s 2022, and not having a great website will probably damage your business.

Using service listings is a great strategy, but unless it’s backed up with a website, it can leave potential customers feeling disoriented or distrustful. They need to know you’re the real deal. They need a website to find that information.

I specialise in simple and beautiful website designs for small to medium businesses, giving you the tools you need to attract and retain loyal clients – and pull in money.

When you’ve worked with a website designer to design your website properly,  your site will do a lot of your marketing for you. Imagine having a tool that brings paying customers in while you sleep!

Once your website design is done, it’s easy to add your own photos and edit text yourself. If you’re a larger business or need a comprehensive website at a higher budget, get in touch and I can refer you to my network of specialised back-end web developers.

Why get professional website design?

Get Found

Most people use Google to find the products and services they want. If you’re not online, they might not find you. Don’t risk it – get a website!

Showcase Your Offerings

A website is the best possible place to showcase your portfolio of work. Once you’ve got a good website design, it does some of your marketing legwork for you.

Promote Customer Trust

Websites are so important in this day and age that if you don’t have one, potential customers might think you have something to hide.

What's the process for web design?

  1. Enquire with me about website design.
  2. I’ll send through my Website Development Questionnaire.
  3. Based on your answers, I’ll do up a quote and design brief for you.
  4. You accept the brief and pay a 35% deposit if you’d like to go ahead.


  5. I start creating your website by going through several phases: research, wireframe, web design, web build, and test.
  6. You get to see what’s happening and give feedback every step of the way.
  7. Once your website’s finished, I’ll take final payment before transferring you ownership.

here's what website design will cost ya.

Origami Graphics uses three different rates for website design.

All in all, you should expect an absolute minimum investment of $1500 for a simple one-page site, an investment of $10000+ for a website with a lot of pages or complex integrations like eLearning systems. If I feel your request is advanced, I’ll refer you on to a specialised back-end web developer for really custom programming.


per hour


My standard rate.

This covers all active design work, plus the time I spend packaging, perfecting, emailing, calling, admining, going to meetings, and paying overheads like office space and super.


per hour


“My mum’s going to kill me if this isn’t done today”.

This rate covers whatever it takes to get your project done in half the time, like pushing other jobs slightly or doing late nights or weekends. 


per day

Day Rate

You’ve got a big job and need me full time for a day.

From 9am to 5pm I’ll be on your team.

Limited spaces available – I can’t vanish on my other clients too often.

– GST is included in all pricing.
– Let me know if you need to negotiate a custom rate.

Ready to roll?

Fill out the form below and I’ll get back to you with a fully-custom quote on your website design, plus a timeframe to completion.