Graphic Design Services

Here’s what I do, starting with the most popular – click the links for more info.

  • Packaging Design
  • Social Media
  • Website Wireframing and Mockups
  • eLearning Design
  • Proofreading
  • Book Cover Design
  • eBook Design
  • WCAG-compliant Design
  • Custom Icon Creation
  • Photoshop Wizardry
  • Adobe CC Tutoring
  • Wedding Invitations
  • Party Stationery (especially for milestone events)
Now, you and I both know that as much as the work matters, everyone’s always curious about the bottom line. The nitty-gritty. The question on everyone’s lips. So let’s talk about it.

How much do you charge for graphic design?

…and there it is.
Look, I get it. Hiring someone to do work for you is scary when you’re potentially handing over a lot of money.

But there’s really no substitute for getting something done professionally. It’s why luxury nail and beauty salons still exist, even though you can buy $2 nail polish or a Kmart face mask and do it yourself. It’s just not the same, right?

Your life changes when you learn where to draw the line and *just* leave things to the pros – gaining the freedom to kick your feet up and enjoy your spare time, instead of always putting 3 different thinking hats on when you’re supposed to wear one.

And I’ll tell you a secret: if your biggest concern is budget, we are not the right fit. Why? Because the less you pay, the more other jobs your designer has to take on to pay the bills and cover their own business expenses. That’s less time spent just with you, polishing your job, because they can’t afford to put as much effort in as they would like. They have to pull in a real full-time salary at the end of the year – and if you’re paying pennies, the consequence will be poor-quality, rushed work!

So when I talk about myself and my business, my rates are the last thing I want to talk about, well behind:

  • How good you’ll feel having beautiful branding that attracts and enchants your ideal customers.
  • How nailing your brand, and having a great website, will help to start bringing money in before you even begin actively marketing.
  • How much time you’ll save outsourcing graphics to a proper specialist – instead of doing it yourself, or hiring someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing. Imagine the costs of having to redo an amateur job twice? Three times?

With all that said, I think not talking about money straight away can lead to time-wasting. I LOVE it when people put minimum prices on their website, because I know immediately if they’re for me or not, I don’t have to call anyone (I am a milennial), and my clients don’t need to be taken through a giant call and proposal process if they’re going to feel they cannot afford me.

So here are *the rates*.


per hour


My standard rate used to calculate your minimum investment.

This is billed on all active design work, and compensates me for the unpaid hours I spend packaging, perfecting, emailing, calling, admining, going to meetings, and paying overheads like office space and super.


per hour


“My mum’s going to kill me if this isn’t done today”.

This rate covers whatever it takes to get your project done in half the time, like pushing other jobs slightly or doing late nights or weekends. 


per day

Day Rate

You’ve got a big job and need me full time for a day.

From 9am to 5pm I’ll be on your team, and your team only – no other client work. It’s just you and me.

Limited spaces available – I can’t vanish on my other clients too often.

But wait, there's more!

– GST is included in all pricing, so you know the amount on your quote is the actual total you’ll be paying.
– Credit card payment is available, and it’s managed through PayPal for that extra peace of mind.
– Weekly, fortnightly, and monthly payment plans are available to split your payments up into portions that work for you.
– Check my FAQ for more info, including common project prices based on these rates.

Let's get started.

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