Commercial Work

Don’t get me wrong – I love working for corporate clients and making a difference through my work. But commercial jobs are where I have the most fun. Flowery patterns, packaging design, illustration, fashion design, invitations, and logo work are my personal passions and are the reason I became a graphic designer.

That’s why you’ll still find so many small businesses in my portfolio.

Featured Work: Surveyors Hill

Late in 2020, I redesigned the logo, labels and signage for local winery Surveyors Hill. We kept the topographic pattern from the original labels, but modernised it for a more minimal, simple feel. Gold foiling helps the label pop in print.

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Featured Work: Rainbows and Fairies

Tracey from Rainbows and Fairies is one of my favourite clients. A clothing company, she sends me ideas for colourful and fun designs and I bring them to life! From hot air balloons to toadstools, cadillacs to caravans, and dragons to woodland creatures, I’m so proud to have my designs splashed all over some beautiful clothes and shoes. Take a look at the online store at