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Grab-and-Go Design Packages

Winter 2024: Grab-and-Go Design Packages

This winter, I’m offering cheaper, quicker branding and web design packages – to help support my clients while household budgets are stretching beyond actual belief. You could save more than $1000.

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Israel Boycott [April Update]: No new builds on Elementor from April 2024

In February, I posted about discontinuing web design services on Wix due to the far-right Israeli Government’s ongoing genocide in Gaza. I’ve been deliberating about how to manage my Israel-based Elementor WordPress site builder subscription for some time. But this month’s killing of World Central Kitchen aid workers – including

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Why My Rates Aren’t Rising in 2023

Ahhhh, the cost of living. The past few years have been a crazy blip in the scheme of the universe, and they’ll probably go down in the history textbooks of 2050. The past few months – hurt by the bushfires, the COVID pandemic, and now interest rate rises – I’ve

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Important Info: December to April Opening and Hours [Eurotrip]

I’m going on an adventure… Heads up – I’m going on a big overseas trip over Christmas and New Years and then working remotely until Easter. What’s the go with my schedule? December Origami Graphics will be closed in December to everyone except those clients who have monthly social media

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The Designer Playbook website preview

Shop Launch: Check out The Designer Playbook Oh hey! Here’s a thing I’ve been working on in the background: my for-designers shop, The Designer Playbook. Jump in to grab some free downloads, sign up to branding seminars, and suss out my eBooks to help you take your design business to six figures and beyond. Cheers!

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Bookings for 2021 Closing Soon

Important Announcement: Bookings for the remainder of 2021 are 75% full, and spaces for substantial new jobs such as websites, publications, and logo packages will need to close soon to allow room for existing client walk-ins for the rest of the year. Please get in touch ASAP to discuss your

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