For picture books, reports and custom art projects

There’s always one art kid in the class, and that was me. Like most graphic designers, I started out as an artist and illustrator – and I even began my career at art school in Sydney, before pivoting into graphic design and marketing back home in Canberra.

In my heart, creating beautiful  illustrations remains my favourite thing to do – and I create picture book illustrations, infographics for reports, custom artwork for invitations, and little bits and pieces like badges and book covers.

My illustrations are mostly digital, and I work with Photoshop for digital paintings and Illustrator for vector art. But I still love my roots in traditional media, too, and can be found with a paintbrush and a canvas doing a painting commission every now and again!
Whether your project is commercial or personal, let’s have a chat and talk about how we can bring your ideas to life through beautiful illustration.

Some of My Illustration Work

how much does illustration work cost?

Hiring an illustrator can be a significant investment – and it mostly depends on three factors.

These are:

1. The complexity of the artwork you need – is it simple and cartoony or is it detailed and realistic?

2. What’s the purpose of the illustration – is it an accompanying element like an icon or flourish, or does it need to have impact and understanding alone like a big infographic or full-page painting?

3. How many of these illustrations do you need?

The more detailed, important, and voluminous the illustration requirements, the more time they will take – and the higher the final investment will be. To calculate those prices, I use the rates below.


per hour


My standard rate used to calculate your minimum investment.

This is billed on all active design work, and compensates me for the unpaid hours I spend packaging, perfecting, emailing, calling, admining, going to meetings, and paying overheads like office space and super.


per hour


“My mum’s going to kill me if this isn’t done today”.

This rate covers whatever it takes to get your project done in half the time, like pushing other jobs slightly or doing late nights or weekends. 


per day

Day Rate

You’ve got a big job and need me full time for a day.

From 9am to 5pm I’ll be on your team.

Limited spaces available – I can’t vanish on my other clients too often.

But wait, there’s more!

– GST is included in all pricing, so you know the amount in your quote is what you’ll actually be paying.

– Credit card payment is available, and it’s managed through PayPal for that extra peace of mind.

– I offer payment plans to split your investment up into weekly, fortnightly, or monthly instalments – just tick the box to find out more during your questionnaire phase.

– Check my FAQ for more info, including common prices based on these rates.

Ready to roll?

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