Important Info: Rate Rise for New Clients [Effective February 2024]

I’ve been fortunate enough to have been absolutely inundated with work in 2023, and am very thankful to my clients for making that happen.

However, it’s got to the point where I’m so run off my feet that I’ve turned into a forgetful little gremlin, making silly little mistakes and having a few too many knock-offs after 11pm and on weekends. I’ve also been embarrassed by overshooting deadlines this year after unexpected personal life crises interrupted a calendar that did not have any room for flexibility. In other words: I’m overwhelmed, overcommitted, and stressed out with too much on my plate.

To protect my sanity and the quality of the work I do, and to avoid hiring staff and becoming just-another-agency instead of a devoted and personable freelancer, my rates are rising to $100/hour GST inclusive for new clients only as of February 2024. This will allow me to take on less work at a time, thereby devoting more energy to clients who are already on the books. It also means that I can be punctual, as it ensures project timeframes aren’t thrown off if I have to step out to attend to life for a few days.

What this means for you:

  • If you’re an existing client, nothing will change. You’ll stay on your existing rate of $85/hour – or maybe cheaper, if you’re lucky enough to have been working with me since before 2021 (here’s to the $55-$70/hour 2018 OG’s).
  • If you’re a new client, but you book in a job before 1 Feb 2024, you’ll become an existing client before the cutoff date and stay on $85/hour for the foreseeable future. Your job doesn’t have to be done before February 1 to take advantage of this deal – you just have to get it booked in by that date.
  • If you’re a new client and book in a job on or after 1 Feb 2024, my new rate of $100/hour will apply to you.

Note that these rates are all GST inclusive and, if you’re a registered business, you may be able to claim the tax back at tax time.

As I wrote in a previous blog post, I want to thank my clients for their continuous support and show integrity in the face of adversity, and that’s why my rates for existing clients are staying the same despite inflation.

However, quality always has to come before quantity – so if you’re a new client, pop your enquiry through ASAP to catch a lower rate for your 2024 work.

Until next time!

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