Winter 2024: Grab-and-Go Design Packages

Grab-and-Go Design Packages

It’s official, we’ve all been hit by the cost of living crisis! 🫠 So I’ve come up with a way to offer cheaper and quicker work for those of you who really want a professional design service – but just can’t make your budget stretch right now (even after that $300 energy bill rebate. LOL).

These new design services are intentionally crafted to give you professional branding and/or a professional website fast (like, within 1-3 weeks). And because they’re so compact and quick, you can choose to go ahead last minute.

If you need affordable branding or web design to get cash coming into your business now, then these services are going to be perfect for you.

Just make sure you get in before August 31 – this is a winter special. Grab-and-Go packages are focused on getting you up and running fast, and can not replace a strategically-crafted, long-term branding and website plan for a growing, thriving business.

The Packages

To keep things as easy as possible, there are only two options: Grab-and-Go Branding and Grab-and-Go Website. If you want a super-great deal, you can get both and I’ll slice another $250 off the cost.

1. The Grab-and-Go Branding Package

A scaled-down hybrid of my Basic and Standard logo packages, this will get your business or organisation off the ground within 2 weeks. You’ll get two logo concepts to choose from, one revision to your chosen concept, a one-page branding sheet, and a display picture for social media.

The Investment: $675.00 GST inclusive

($1324 cheaper than my Standard logo package!)

Book Grab-and-Go Branding

2. The Grab-and-Go Website Package

Very similar to my one-page website offering – but your design will be from a template only. You’ll also have everything plugged in and connected for you, some brand customisation, a year’s hosting included, help with your copywriting, and just one round of revision.

The Investment: $1250.00 GST inclusive

($250 cheaper than the minimum price for my usual one-page websites… and $1750 cheaper than the minimum price for my five-page websites.)

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3. The Grab-and-Go Branding and Website Package

Want both? Take both. I’ll discount you even further so the price maxes out at $1675.00 for branding and web design, completed in about a month.

Book Grab-and-Go Branding and Web Design

A bit more about these services

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m an advocate for being paid properly and investing in quality work. So what you gotta realise is that to offer services this cheap, I’ve had to make them extremely simple and seriously reduce the amount of flexibility you get.

That means: We’re using templates, you get 1 revision only, and this is a temporary offer.

That said, you can use your chosen Grab-and-Go as a base and ask for additions: more revisions (from $100), more website pages (from $400), professional copywriting (from $750), business cards and letterheads (from $200), and webpage SEO (Search Engine Optimisation – from $250). That way, you can sit down, look at your budget properly, decide you’re good to go for the minimum, and then see how much more you’d like to add on top. It’s super flexible.

And if none of these Grab-and-Go’s suit – because let’s be real, dedicated 1:1 service and carefully-considered projects usually turn out better – you can always opt for my standard Branding or standard Website Design services instead.

Want to book in for a Grab-and-Go package? Head to the service page, submit the enquiry form, and I’ll get back to you within 3 business days.

Grab-and-Go packages run from May 27 until August 31 only, and are subject to designer availability.

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