June Update: Grab and Go booked out, limited corporate spaces remaining for 23/24

Bookkeeping for End of Financial Year.

June is reliably my busiest time of year. To keep you informed, here’s an update on my schedule for the final few weeks of the 2023/24 Financial Year.

Highly Limited Spaces Remaining for Corporate Work

There is a small amount of booking space remaining in late June for corporate, government, charity, and not-for-profit clients.

I’m currently accepting corporate enquiries for:

  • Branding and rebranding, particularly for events and conferences
  • Custom illustration work for books, reports, advertising and key infographics
  • Presentation and PowerPoint design for programs, training, and seminars
  • Report design and layout, including preliminary quoting for annual reports from August thru November.

Please enquire ASAP or book in a consultation call to reserve one of these remaining slots, particularly if your budget or funding is due to expire on June 30. I frequently accept full June prepayments for July projects – conditional on satisfactory completion – to ensure that your remaining 2023/24 funding is able to be used before expiry.

Grab and Go Packages: Booked Out

Grab and Go packages for fast, affordable web design and branding are now fully booked for June. Please enquire now to go on the waitlist for the next round, starting on Monday, July 1.

Bookings Closed for Commercial Clients

Full small business branding, illustration, and web design project slots are also completely booked for June. If you’re interested in working with me on a complete branding, web design, or illustration project (minimum 4 weeks duration), we’ll be looking at starting from Monday, July 8.

While I’m no longer accepting small-medium business design work this Financial year, you can still:

  • enquire anytime, to get the ball rolling for July-August
  • lock in your July start date now, for security and predictability
  • pay your project’s deposit of up to 50% now, so that you can claim it as a deduction in this year’s tax return.

The cutoff for 2023/24 business expenditure is 11.59pm on June 30, so please enquire ASAP if you want to claim your July-August design project as a partial tax deduction this year.

Gold Coast, NSW North Coast, and Brisbane Clients: In-Person Consults Available in June

I’m a Canberra graphic designer, and Origami Graphics is usually based here in the ACT. However, I’ll be working remotely from the Gold Coast from June 13 to July 7. If you’re a Gold Coast, NSW North Coast, or Brisbane client, send me an email and we can consult in person during this time.

Melbourne clients: I’ll be doing an extended stint of remote work closer to September, so stay tuned for updates on in-person Melbourne-based availability.

If you have any questions about my remaining availability for EOFY, or need to schedule a job to maximise your tax benefits, please reach out through my enquiry form or email me directly at taylor@origamigraphics.net.au.

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