Downloadable Resources

These resources will help you get a head-start on your project, and they’re free to download. I’ve spent literal hours of my life on these. There’s more coming.

Project Questionnaire

Get a head start on your business design by consolidating your ideas, likes, dislikes, and inspiration. I give this form to all my clients to fill out before they book in.

Copy Prompts

You need to provide copy (website text) before we can start a website project. This document is full of helpful prompts so you can get that done more easily.

Website Questionnaire

Help me design you the best website possible by prefilling this form. We’ll go through what your website needs, your key competitors, your technical skills, and your budget.

Sample Payment Plan

I offer payment plans if clients need to spread out their fees. Here’s a sample I’ve filled out so you can see how it works. You just need to ask for a plan during the Questionnaire phase.

Website Cheat Sheet

A cheat sheet that’ll help you narrow down how to build your website. You’ll learn whether WordPress, Squarespace, Shopify, or Wix is more suitable for you.