Availability Update: Heavily booked until September 1

Happy New Financial Year! Ducking in to give an availability update: after a June that can only be described as spectacularly demanding, I’m now close to booked out for all of July and August.

As at COB Tuesday 9/7/24, bookings for July are completely full; August workload is substantial, but a few tentative spaces remain.

To ensure I’m able to give my booked clients the devoted time they deserve – and to make sure I don’t waste your time if you’re reading this and need your job done soon – I’ve decided to be upfront about my restricted remaining availability. The odds are, I won’t be able to meet your needs if you require urgent work in the next month.

But what if you’re not pressed on deadlines? I’m still happy to chat future projects! Feel welcome to submit an enquiry or book in a call to start getting an idea on scope, pricing, and timeframes for your late August or early September work. This is especially true if you’re looking to book an annual report design and layout project, as we’ll need to start work in early spring to meet reporting deadlines.

Got questions? Need urgent work and want a recommendation for someone else? I’ve got networks! So as always, leave a comment or send me an email.


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